Major Events

Major Events

Pass the accreditation of walmart responsible souring standard.

Adopts Bongiovi Digital Power Station technology, Euphony 3D magic sound technology and High Definition Sound Standard technology.

ANR-771W wins “GD-Mark” Good Design Product Award.

Gained TOYOTA authorised accessories manufacturer.

Establish Gaming Headsets product line.

Continous developing and gained noise cancellation technology patent.

Increase Capital Investment, and change company name from “Yaliqi Inc.” to “Aliteam Inc.”

Passed the accreditation of ISO14001. (Environmental Management Standard)

Passed the accreditation of ISO9001.(Quality Management Standard)

Passed ISO/TS 16949 (International Automotive Quality System)

Investing “Yaliqi Inc.” in Guangzhou.

Infrared Headphones IFS-668H&IFS-627H become well known worldwide.

“ALTEAM” established in Taiwan, specialized in making series of headphones/ mircrophones/ audio portfolio.

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